These days auto makers are putting more and more technology into cars to avoid accidents.  There are optional cameras that keep you in your lane, blind spot detectors, and even technology that automatically applies the brakes to avoid a collision!  All these new advances are great, when they work to actually stop a potential accident – which is not always the case.  We have had more than a few wrecked cars that have the technology that is supposed to avoid exactly the type of collisions that have happened!!

However, one of the major unintended problems with this new technology is the HUGE replacement costs!  It actually started with airbag systems, which can easily cause a car to be totaled in some relatively minor accidents.  And now we have very expensive cameras and sensors that can be damage in smaller collisions and cause the repair bill to SOAR!  Here are a few examples from some recent jobs we have completed.  A 2013 Infinity that has a pre accident camera system in the front bumper was rear ended and the force of the collision caused the car to hit the vehicle in front of it as well.  The repair bill was about 2,500.00 BEFORE we realized that the special camera was damaged – this caused the repair bill to more than double.  In addition, the only place in the area that has the equipment to repair these cameras is in Chantilly VA – meaning the customer was without her vehicle for an additional 7 days.  This week we had a 2010 Lexus with a pre-crash camera system in a minor collision, once again the cost of the camera and sensors increased the repair bill by over $$3,500.00 and also had to go to a far away deal for calibration.

The reality is that these new technologies do help cut down on accidents, but still can not avoid them all together.  And when they do get hit, the cost of replacing these fragile and expensive sensors can get very costly!  Something to think about before you decide to purchase a newer car with the latest and accident avoidance technology.