Here at Frederick Auto Body we see many damaged vehicles every day.  Some have been in accidents, some have minor paint issues, and some just need a little TLC.  But at least a few times per week we have customers bring their cars in to have and ask us to fix rust on their car.  Most times the car is a good solid vehicle that the owner wants to continue to drive but can not stand looking at a rusty spot on the car body.  However, as much as we would like to help them with the repair we usually have to turn them away.

The problem with most rust on cars is that they are rusting from the INSIDE of the panel.  The usual spots are around the rear wheels and the bottom of the doors – but we also see it on the edges of hoods and sometimes even the roof!  Sometimes it only looks like some bubbles under the paint, but when we dig a little deeper it can be a rust hole right through the metal!  Once a panel starts to rust from the inside there is NO WAY to properly repair the metal.  No matter what you do the rust will come back.  We can grind the rust out, coat it with rust stopping agents, then fill and paint the panel – and it will look perfect.  But within a few weeks or months the rust will start to bubble up again.  The only way to repair rusty spots is to replace the entire panel – that is manageable on a hood or fender, but can be VERY expensive on a door, roof, or quarter panel.

At Frederick Auto Body, we guarantee all of our paint and body work for the life of the car – so we can not perform a repair that we can not stand behind.  As much as we hate to tell customers that we can not help them with the repair, doing so would only be taking their money.