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Snow and Ice Accidents

Auto Accidents happen in snow and ice, but there are ways you can avoid a collision. When bad weather comes, Frederick Auto Body gets very busy!  Snow and ice is not very good for most businesses, but it is for auto body shops and tow truck companies!  Unfortunately, when bad weather happens the frequency of accidents increases.  All you need to do is listen to a traffic report during a snow and ice storm to hear how many crashes are being reported.  Even with all the advances in accident avoidance technology and four wheel drive systems, mother nature still finds a way to win!  Slick road, poor visibility, and driving too fast for the conditions are the main reasons for increased accidents in bad weather.  In addition, some cars are simply not designed for winter weather driving.  Rear wheel drive vehicles, cars that do not have all weather tires, and smaller cars that do not have the weight for traction are some of the poorest bad weather performers.  Front wheel drive, all wheel drive, and four wheel drive vehicles are far superior snow and ice vehicles.

How to avoid Snow and Ice Accidents

So how can you avoid getting into an accident in bad weather?  The first and most obvious answer is to avoid driving in snow and ice in the first place!  If you are not on the road, you can’t get into a collision!  But if you have to drive, here are a few tips:

  1.  Drive much slower than usual!  The posted speed limit does not take bad weather into account.
  2. Leave much larger following distance.  Braking is much more difficult in snow and ice, so if you follow too close you can easily rear end the vehicle in front of you.
  3. Prepare your vehicle for bad weather.  Make sure you have good tires, fresh windshield wipers, plenty of washer fluid, and make sure your front and rear defrosters are working properly.
  4. Clear as much snow and ice from your vehicle as possible.  This will help with visibility, and can keep large chunks of ice from hitting other cars as it thaws.
  5. Practice driving in bad weather.  This is especially for younger new drivers, don’t let their first experience in snow and ice be on the road.  Take them to a parking lot or lightly traveled roadway and and practice snow and ice driving.
  6. Watch out for the other guys.  Have extra patience, it may take longer to get to your destination but you will arrive safely.


What to do if you have an accident

So what do you do if you are in a snow and ice accident?  The first thing to do is find a quality auto body repair shop to handle your repair.  The staff at Frederick Auto Body are experts in repairing vehicle properly, and taking care of all the details with your insurance company.  If you need any help with a auto body repair, make sure you give Frederick Auto Body a call at (301) 698-0008.

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